Wairau Valley School

Wairau Valley School is a small, rural, full primary school, set in a central position in Wairau Valley township, approximately 25km west of Renwick and 40km west of Blenheim. 

The school has a current roll of 48 children (November 2023). We are full primary, years 1 to 8. 

Our Logo

"The koru represents us all- learning new things. It represents growth."

"It is often sunny in the Wairau Valley."

"The curve of the hills is kind of like our valley."

"The blue represents the rivers that flow through the valley."

"The two koru represents us growing from kids to young adults ."

Our Values

Our Values are the common goals and aspirations of our parent community and guide us in all aspects of school life

'Have you got any goals for the 2024 year?

‘I want to be more resilient and confident. I want to be as good as some of the year 8’s have been in the past. They knew how to ‘be’ our school values.’